Laser/Led Wavelength Meter

AEO Laser/LED wavelength Meter is an affordable option for wavelength measurements of pulsed and CW lasers from 350 to 1100nm.  This wavelength Meter can be set up quickly and easily with no special optical interface. It is ideally suited for measure and monitoring the wavelength of lasers and LED light source. It can measure wavelengths with 0.01nm resolution.

AEO Wavelength Meter provides menu-selectable functions using panel button and bright graphic OLED display. This bright display can be clearly being seen at light or dark environment. It can measure averaging, single pulse sample-and-hold, laser and LED wavelength data. All functions can be set for fully automatic operation to provide maximum ease of use and accuracy. This meter has standard an RS232 serial port, though this port, user can using user interface software to read measurement data to PC and save the sampling data and do further analyzes.

AEO wavelength meter SPEC.