LDC-003 Laser Controller Module

Laser Controller Module

  • Low Noise and Highly Stable constant current up to 3A
  • Analog modulation signal frequency is up to 100 khz.
  • Multiple Built-In Laser Diode Protection Features
  • Temperature set range up to 10 °C~35°C
  • Excellent Temperature Stability < 0.01 °C)
  • Excellent current stability ± 0.0 1%.
  • Widely input DC power supply range, excellent benefit for battery power supply instrument.
  • Easy control output current and temperature via UART port.
  • Fast laser light emission turns on/ off through external TTL voltage trigger, meanwhile keeping internal temperature control, maximum laser protection.
  • Laser light emission turns on/ off either uses external TTL voltage trigger or Uart serial port.

The AEO LDC-003 diode laser controller module provides a universal diode laser power supply driver with constant current and temperature control. It provides users an easy and economical solution for setup a laser source, and at the same time, keep the similar high performance of expensive instrument type laser light source.