Universal UV LED Timer / Power Controller

Universal UV LED Timer/Power Controller

  • This High Power UV LED Timer/Power Controller is designed for variety high power UV LED current driving. it makes user’s UV Load LED work in constant current status, which maximally protect LED life time. This type controller has unique control function in market both in tunable LED working current and precise timing set. It is widely used in various ultraviolet light adhesive fast and deep epoxy curing, especially good for hand held UV spot light use.
  • Provide customers, who are using or are looking for UV curing system, an economical solution or update plan at very low cost, by using our controller, users can very easily create a high performance UV curing system just simplly select themselves UV LED.
  • We also provide various spot UV LED if customers need order from us.
  • Both timer and current driving function.
  • Easy set LED control timer and LED driving current value.
  • Constant LED current diving, maximum protect LED over current, working current adjustable.
  • Both manual and auto timer control once start to run.
  • Auto save setting data value in internal EEprom, do not need every time set when power turn on.
  • This controller has three control LED switch option.
  • Internal reverse, over current, and rush pulse protection, low current ripple, which means it can safely drive expensive high current UV LED.
  • Economical price.
  • Ultraviolet LED light adhesive curing system.
  • Ultraviolet LED light coating, sealing.
  • Irradiation of biological samples.
  • Ultraviolet LED light in printing, PCB circuit board production, and 3D printing, nail art.
  • Medical, biomedical and dental laboratory.

Ultraviolet LED light adhesive curing application demo video

1.  LED Controller constant current Set demo on line video play

2. LED Controller timer Set demo on line video play